Participate in SuperForex’s Brilliant Forex Contest. Leave a review for a chance to win a gemstone.

Contest Overview

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Contest SponsorSuperForex (SuperForex)
PrizesPrecious Gemstone
Contest Periodfrom February 1, 2021 until July 1, 2021

How to participate

Open a live trading account, download SuperForex's mobile app, and leave a review of the app.


Join SuperForex’s Brilliant Forex Contest

All traders of SuperForex can now participate in the new contest.

In this new contest of SuperForex, one winner will win a precious gemstone.

The contest rules simple.

Open SuperForex’s live trading account, get the Easy Deposit Bonus, download SuperForex’s mobile app and leave your review in Google Play.

You can participate in the contest with any account type, any amount, and any time.

The winner of the precious gemstone will be chosen randomly by SuperForex.

The contest will be open for six months in total, from February 1 until July 1.

Participate in SuperForex’s Contest

How to participate in SuperForex’s Brilliant Forex Contest?

All live trading account holders can participate in SuperForex’s Brilliant Forex Contest.

Follow the simple steps below for a chance to win a precious gemstone.

  1. Open a live trading account with SuperForex;
  2. Get SuperForex’s 2021% Easy Deposit Bonus;
  3. Download SuperForex’s mobile app and leave a review in Google Play;
  4. The winner will be randomly chosen by SuperForex.

You can log in to SuperForex’s mobile app with your login credentials provided by SuperForex.

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Participate in SuperForex’s Contest