LMFX runs this Live Trading Contest every month!

Contest Overview

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Contest SponsorLMFX (LMFX)
Prizes1,000 USD

Every Month

How to participate

Open an Account & Deposit 500 USD.

Requirements for Participants

You must have a verified trading account.


LMFX’s Ultimate Traders Contest is for all live MT4 account holders of LMFX.

This MT4 real trading competition runs every month.

There are monthly and yearly real cash prizes.

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LMFX Ultimate Traders Contest

This MT4 live trading contest is available for all traders of LMFX.

Here are the main rules and conditions of the contest.

Contest Type MT4 Real accounts
Contest Period 1 month and 1 year
Required Minimum Deposit Amount 500 USD
Monthly Cash Prize Amount 1,000 USD
Number of Winners 1
Yearly Cash Prize Amount 100,000 USD
Withdrawal of Cash Prizes Not available

Participation in this contest does not charge you any or involves hidden costs.

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How to participate in LMFX Ultimate Traders Contest?

The contest runs every month, and you can register for it before 7th calendar day of the given month.

Follow the steps below to participate in the contest today.

  1. Signup and Open a live trading account
    You can participate in the trading contest with any account types.
  2. Deposit at least 500 USD
    Login to LMFXConnect from the Official Website and transfer your investment fund to LMFX. The required minimum deposit amount to participate in the contest is 500 USD.
  3. Confirm your participation in the contest
    Login to LMFXconnect (LMFXc) accounts and go to the contest page to register.
  4. Start trading to win the real cash prizes
    There are monthly and yearly cash prizes, and also Top Traders Points distributed every month.

You can only register one trading account for a contest round.

The client achieving the highest percentage gain during the given round will become the winner (Top Trader).

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Contest Duration is Monthly and Yearly

One round of LMFX Ultimate Traders Contest lasts one calendar month.

Each round starts the first LMFX’s working day of the month at 00:05:00 and ends last day of the given month.

The closing day of the yearly competition is the 31st December at 23:59:59 LMFX’s server time.

Once you participate in the trading contest, the contest account will be automatically taken part in the next monthly contest round.

If you wish to not participate in the upcoming LMFX Ultimate Traders Contest, then you must send an email to LMFX support team.

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Monthly Contest Prize

The top trader of the month, will receive 1,000 USD real cash prize.

1,000 USD real cash prize is available only for trading, but not for withdrawal.

In case of any fund withdrawals from the account which has received a cash prize, then the full cash prize amount will be removed from the account.

You can receive only one cash prize within 3 months period.

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LMFX Top Traders Points and Yearly Contest Prize

Every month, the top 10 performing traders obtain “LMFX Top Traders Points”.

The total amount of “LMFX Top Traders Points” will decide the “Trader of the Year” who will earn 100,000 USD.

“LMFX Top Traders Points” are distributed as follows:

Ranking Prize Points
1st 20
2nd 16
3rd 12
4th 10
5th 9
6th 8
7th 7
8th 6
9th 5
10th 4

The “LMFX Top Traders Points” are accumulated for a whole year and the trader with the highest amount of “LMFX Top Traders Points” will win 100,000 USD real cash reward.

100,000 USD cash prize is available only for trading, but not for withdrawal.

To win the place of “Trader of the Year”, you must complete 6 rounds and trade at least 10 positions in each round.

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What “Trader of the Year” can do with $100,000?

The “Trader of the Year” earns 100,000 USD on LMFX MT4 account.

The trader can trade with the given fund in the account, but cannot withdraw it.

In the account, the trader can earn 20% of the Profit and Loss on a high watermark basis.

This fund will have a stop-out at 80 000 USD. When funds are at this level all open trades will be closed and the funds withdrawn with all trading activity stopped.

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