Join JustForex’s Lunar New Year Trading Contest, and start 2020 with red envelope $500.

Contest Overview

Contest SponsorJustForex (JustForex)
Prizes$850 Cash Prize
Contest Periodfrom January 24, 2020 until February 10, 2020
Entry Availablefrom January 1, 2020 until January 23, 2020

How to participate

Open a standard account, deposit at least 100 USD and apply.


JustForex Lunar New Year Trading Contest

Just till January 23, 2020, you can register for the New Year Trading Contest with JustForex.

If you are looking to trade with JustForex, join today from below and compete with others to win real cash prizes!

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Cash Prizes of JustForex Lunar New Year Trading Contest

JustForex’s Lunar New Year Trading Contest will give away real cash prizes of $850.

By participating in the contest, you have a chance to get up to 500 USD available for withdrawal.

The cash prizes are given to the top 3 traders as follows:

Ranking Cash Prize
1st place $500
2nd place $250
3rd place $100

The money prizes will be credited to the balance of the winners’ trading accounts, which participate in the promotion within 3 days after the contest ends, and will be available for withdrawal or further trading.

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How to join in JustForex’s Lunar New Year Trading Contest?

Follow the steps below to join JustForex’s Lunar New Year Trading Contest.

1. Register for the Lunar New Year Trading Contest using a preferred nickname

Every client can use only one of his Standard accounts for participation in the contest.

Open JustForex Real Account

2. Deposit your Standard account with at least 100 USD

To become a participant of the contest, one needs to deposit the trading account with a one-time payment of at least 100 USD within the contest registration period.

After that, it is required to register for the contest, using a nickname in the “Bonuses and Promotions” section at the “Participate in Contest” tab.

The contest registration starts January 8, 2020, and ends January 23, 2020.

Please note that only accounts deposited with the minimum required amount can be registered for the contest. The internal transfer of money from one account to another is not considered to be a deposit.

Login to JustForex Client Portal for deposit

3. Make the highest Profit % points to get the prize

The contest trading period is from January 24, 2020, till February 10, 2020.

The winners will be determined based on the Profit % points achieved during the contest trading period, which is calculated as a percentage of the Equity increase multiplied by profitable days.

justForex usees both open and closed orders to determine whether or not the day is “profitable”.

If you have open orders at the end of the day, their performance may affect these calculations.

Top-3 traders with the highest Profit % points will get three great money prizes.

During the contest trading period, the statistics of top-10 participants will be shown in the table on the Contest page.

The table displays the data for the previous trading day, which is updated once a day.

See the top-10 participants