Trade Wise Win Device is a lucky lottery promotion to win the latest high tech gadgets.

Contest Overview

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Contest SponsorInstaForex (InstaForex)
PrizesiPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Samsung Galaxy Tab

Every 2 weeks

How to participate

Open a live trading account and deposit at least $500.


InstaForex’s “Trade Wise Win Device” promotion is a lucky lottery available for all traders of the broker.

By participating in this promotion, you have a chance to win a latest smartphone every 2 weeks.

The promotion runs for the indefinite period, giving away the prizes to the online investors.

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“Trade Wise Win Device” Lucky Lottery

The promotion “Trade Wise Win Device” is available for all traders of InstaForex.

Here are the main rules and conditions of the promotion.

Promotion Type Lucky Lottery
Available for All traders of InstaForex
Prizes Latest series of iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Samsung Galaxy Tab
Prize Cash Equivalent 1250 USD
Promotion Period Every 2 weeks
Requirement 500 USD of minimum deposit

You can join with up to 100 trading accounts for each round, thus increasing the odds to win the lottery.

You can participate in this promotion with live accounts of any account types.

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How to participate in InstaForex’s “Trade Wise Win Device”

Follow the steps below to join the “Trade Wise Win Device” lottery.

  1. Signup and open a live account with InstaForex
    You can participate with any account types. You can also participate with multiple trading accounts (up to 100 accounts) by meeting the minimum deposit requirement in each account.
  2. Make a deposit of at least $500
    The required minimum deposit amount to be qualified for the lottery is $500 or equivalent amount in other currencies.
  3. Apply for the promotion
    Go to the relevant page in InstaForex Official Website and register for the promotion.
  4. Lucky Lottery every 2 weeks
    During the promotional period, you have a chance to win an up-to-date mobile device every 2 weeks. The available prizes include the latest series of iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Participating in the promotion with more accounts and making a deposit of hither amount, will increase the possibility of winning.

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4 types of prizes will be raffled

Each round of the promotion lasts for 2 weeks.

Every 2 weeks, InstaForex will give away a latest model of iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The winners will be chosen randomly by using InstaForex’s transparent device number algorithm which is based on market prices of multiple symbols at a certain time.

Everyone has the same possibility to win the gadgets through this lucky lottery.

Open live accounts of any account types, deposit more than $500 and apply for the promotion with your accounts as many as you want.

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How the winners of the prizes will be chosen?

To win the lucky lottery and the latest model of iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Samsung Galaxy Tab, the last 5 digits of your account number and the “device numbers” which are decided randomly must be the same.

The 5 device numbers are quoting rates fixation for the moment of trading session close for the following pairs:

First digit of the Device number the penultimate digit of the EUR/USD close rate
Second digit of the Device number the last digit of the GBP/USD close rate
Third digit of the Device number the last digit of the USD/JPY close rate
Fourth digit of the Device number the last digit of the USD/CHF close rate
Fifth digit of the Device number the last digit of the USD/CAD close rate

The these numbers match the last 5 digits of your account number, the prize of the round will be yours.

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If multiple accounts match the algorithm

There could be multiple trading accounts with the same last 5 digits.

If there are multiple accounts which match the device numbers of the round, then the account with the largest balance will win the prize.

In this case, the account balance is calculated by the following formula: A – B + C.

Where A is the sum of deposits since the promotion round, B is the sum of withdrawals since the promotion round, C is the trading result.

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How to receive the prize?

If you are the lucky winner, then you will be notified by InstaForex soon.

Then you can claim the specific prize in one of the InstaForex’s representative offices in the Russian Federation (Kaliningrad, Moscow, St. Petersburg) or it can be delivered to any part of the world.

You may need to go through some procedures and take interviews by InstaForex.

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Receive cash instead of the prize

If you don’t prefer one of the latest devices as your prize, then you can also choose to claim “Cash Prize” instead.

In this case, the cash prize amount is $1250 (as a alternative of any types of devices).

To receive the prize as cash, you must open a live trading account within 30 days from the announcement.

$1250 will be credited to the live trading account and will be available for withdrawal soon.

Note that the cash prize cannot be withdrawn, but is available only for trading purpose.

Any profits can be withdrawn with no limit, but not that any fund withdrawals from the account which have received the cash prize will cause full deduction of the cash prize amount.

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