Every week, you have a chance to win real cash prizes through this “InstaForex One Million Option Contest”.

Contest Overview

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Contest SponsorInstaForex (InstaForex)
Prizes1500 USD

Every week

How to participate

Register and open a contest account.


InstaForex’s “One Million Option” is a weekly trading contest for option traders.

The top 5 performing traders will win the real cash prizes every week.

Simply set the direction, volume and time to complete with other participants.

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InstaForex “One Million Option” Weekly Trading Contest

One Million Option trading contest runs every week, and is available for all traders if InstaForex.

Please refer to the below table for more information of the contest.

Contest TypeOption Trading
Contest DurationOne Week
Available forAll traders of InstaForex
Requirement of joinOnly registration
Prize Amount1500 USD every week
Withdrawal of Cash PrizeNot available

The contest runs with demo accounts with virtual money, thus it involves no risks to your own funds.

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How to join in InstaForex’s “One Million Option” Weekly Trading Contest?

All traders, both new and existing traders of InstaForex can participate in this contest.

Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Go to InstaForex Official Website
    In the official website of InstaForex, go to the contest page of “One Million Option”.
  2. Register for the next contest round
    The registration is free. Once you register, you will receive login credentials of the contest account to your email address. Registration is possible until 1 (one) hour before the contest starts.
  3. Login and Start trading
    When the contest round starts, you may login and start trading to compete with other traders. The “One Million Option” contest runs every week from 00:10 Monday to 23:50 Friday (terminal time).

You can join only the upcoming contest rounds, but not the one currently running.

To join, you must register an open a contest account for every round.

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Cash Prizes for the top 5 traders

Every participant will be given 1000 points to start with.

At the end of each contest round, the traders with the highest rating will be announced the winners.

The cash prize pool is 1500 USD and it is shared with the 5 top performing traders accordingly.

1at500 USD
2nd400 USD
3rd300 USD
4th200 USD
5th100 USD

You can claim a cash prize only once a month.

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Trading Conditions and the Platform

Once you register for the contest, you will receive login credentials of your contest account.

You are also given the initial rating of 1000 points.

You receive 10 rating points for each positively closed option and lose 10 rating points for each losing option.

The trading platform is in InstaForex’s “Contest Participant Cabinet”, but not MetaTraders.

You can buy call or put option on any instrument below.

  • GOLD

Here are the rules that you must follow during the contest.

  1. The minimum time of option is 1 minute.
  2. The time set for opening and closing options is to be divisible by 10 minutes.
  3. You can set only one option on each trading instrument within 24-hour period.
  4. In case open price of an option equals close price of an option, it is considered as loss position, and 10 points are deducted from your rating.

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Withdrawal Condition of the Cash Prizes

If you have won the contest by earning one of the top 5 positions of a contest round, you will receive a real cash prize according to the ranking you are in.

To receive the cash prize, you must open a live trading account with InstaForex and complete verification process within 30 days from the announcement of winners.

Your cash prize will be credited into a live trading account and will be available for trading immediately.

You cannot withdraw the cash prize amount, but can withdraw any amount of profits at anytime with no limit.

Note that any fund withdrawals from the account will result to full cancellation of the cash prize amount.

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