8 top performing traders with more winning pips will win the cash prizes in this contest.

Contest Overview

Contest SponsorInstaForex (InstaForex)
Prizes$3,000 Cash Prize Pool

Every 2 weeks

How to participate

Signup and open a demo contest account.


Unlike other standard trading contests, InstaForex’s “Lucky Trader” contest chooses the winners according to the participants’ winning pips.

Not the account balance, but the winning pips earned by the participants during the contest period will decide the top 8 performing traders.

The contest runs on demo accounts with virtual money, thus does not involve any risks to your own fund.

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InstaForex Lucky Trader Demo Contest

Lucky Trader demo trading contest is available for all traders of InstaForex.

Here are the main rules and conditions of the promotion.

Contest Type Demo accounts
Competition of Earned Pips
Contest Duration 2 weeks
Cash Prize 3,000 USD per round
Number of winners 5
Withdrawal of Cash Prize Not available but available only for trading purpose
Requirement to participate Contest account opening

If you are lucky enough to earn the pips more than other participants, you will receive a cash prize.

For more information about the share of $3000 cash prize pool, please refer to another section.

Signup for InstaForex

How to join in InstaForex’s Lucky Trader Demo Contest?

You can participate in the contest with only one account.

Follow the steps below to participate in InstaForex’s Lucky Trader contest.

  1. Register for InstaForex’s service online
    The contest is available for both new and existing traders of InstaForex. You can also participate in other contests at the same time.
  2. Go to the contest page
    In InstaForex Official Website, go to the contest page of “Lucky Trader”.
  3. Register for the contest
    In the contest page, register for the next round of contest. Registration for the next competition finishes 1 hour before the contest starts.
  4. Login and start trading
    Each round of contest runs for two weeks from 00:00 Monday to 23:59:59(terminal time) Friday.

This InstaForex’s demo trading contest “Lucky Trader” does not complete for the account balance, but for winning pips.

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Cash Prizes for the top 8 performing traders

At the end of the each contest round, all position will be closed automatically and the calculation for the winners will be made.

There will be 8 winners for each round.

The total cash prize pool is 3,000 USD which will be distributed to the 8 top performing traders accordingly.

1st 1,000 USD
2nd 750 USD
3rd 500 USD
4th 250 USD
5th 200 USD
6th 150 USD
7th 100 USD
8th 50 USD

The winners will be decided according to the winning pips.

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How the winners are determined?

The winners of InstaForex’s Lucky Trader contest are not decided by the largest account balance.

InstaForex uses the rating which is calculated by summation of profit pips and subtraction of loss pips.

Thus the calculation to determine the winners is:

Profit Pips – Loss Pips = Total earned pips

Note that the maximum amount of considered winning pips for each trade is 10 points. It means that even if a profitable deal gains 20, 40 or 50 pips, your rating will be 10 points increased.

InstaForex Online Registration

Trading Conditions of the Contest Account

Every contest account has the same trading conditions at the start.

Please refer to the below table for more information.

Initial Account Balance 30,000 USD
Leverage 1:500
Use of Expert Advisers Allowed
Restrictions of trading strategies None
Available Symbols for trading Only Forex pairs
Available trading volume From 0.01 to 1 lots
Swap Free Account Available
Maximum number of simultaneous positions 10
Stop Out Level 10%

The trading conditions of the contest account cannot be changed.

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How to get the Cash Prize?

If you have won a contest by becoming one of the 8 top performing traders, you will be contacted by InstaForex after the final calculation is done.

Once its announcement, you must open a new live trading account and complete verification process to receive the cash prize.

The cash prize will be credited into your applicable trading account and will be available for trading purpose.

The cash prize amount cannot be withdrawn, you can withdraw any amount of profits from the account with no limit.

Note that the first fund withdrawal from the account which has received a cash prize, will cause full cancellation of the cash prize.

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