The “Great Race” is a demo trading contest which give away cash prizes from $55,000 pool.

Contest Overview

Contest SponsorInstaForex (InstaForex)
Prizes$55,000 Cash Prize Pool
Contest Periodfrom March 18, 2019 until December 20, 2019
Entry Availablefrom March 18, 2019 until December 20, 2019

How to participate

Signup and open the contest demo trading account.


InstaForex’s demo trading contest “Great Race” runs 5 rounds.

The total prize pool is $55,000 and the winners will get the real cash prize from the prize pool.

The demo trading contest does not involve risks to your fund as it uses only virtual money.

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InstaForex Great Race Demo Trading Contest

All traders of InstaForex can participate in this demo trading contest.

Here are the main rules and conditions of the contest.

Contest Type Demo Trading Contest
Account Type Contest Account
Prize Amount $55,000
Number of winners 58
Requirement Signup and Open the contest account
Withdrawal of Cash Prize Not available
Withdrawal profits made by trading with the cash prize Available with no limit
The maximum prize amount per person $6000

You have 5 contest rounds to join and win real cash prizes!

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How to join in InstaForex’s Demo Trading Contest?

You can join in this demo trading contest “Grade Race” with only one account per round.

Follow the steps below to start competing for the real cash prizes.

  1. Signup for InstaForex online
    You may signup and register your client profile with InstaForex.
  2. Open the contest account
    Go to the contest page in InstaForex Official Website and apply for the contest.
  3. Receive the login credentials
    For each contest round, you must open a new demo account from the specific page. The login credentials of the demo trading contest account will be sent to your registered email address.
  4. Start trading
    Start trading once the contest round starts. The accounts with the highest account balance at the end will win the cash prizes.

There are many trading contests and lucky lottery that you can join.

All the latest promotions and contests can be found in the official website below.

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Trading Conditions of the Contest Account

The contest’s demo trading account must be opened for every contest round.

All contest account will have the following conditions:

Initial Account Balance $100,000
Leverage Fixed to 1:500
Available trading strategies All
Available Markets Major and Cross Forex Pairs
Trading Volume From 0.01 to 10 lots
Maximum Simultaneous Number of Open Positions 1
Stop Out Level 10%

Above trading conditions are the same and fixed for all demo trading contest accounts, and cannot be changed.

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Duration of 5 Contest Rounds

InstaForex’s Demo trading contest “Great Race” runs for 5 rounds.

The schedule of the 5 rounds are the followings:

1st round From 18.03.19 to 19.04.19
2nd round From 20.05.19 to 21.06.19
3rd round From 22.07.19 to 23.08.19
4th round From 23.09.19 to 25.10.19
Final round From 18.11.19 to 20.12.19

You can participate in all rounds by opening demo trading contest account before each round.

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Contest Prizes of each round

Through the whole contest, InstaForex will give away the total of $55,000 cash prize to the winners.

There will be 58 winners throughout the whole contest.

The accounts with the largest balance at the end of each round will win the following cash prizes.

For the first 4 rounds

1st $3000
2nd $2000
3rd $1500
4th $800
5th $600
6th $400
7th $300 + 40 bonus points
8th $250 + 30 bonus points
9th $200 + 20 bonus points
10th $150 + 10 bonus points
11th $100 + 5 bonus points
About the use of “bonus points”, it is explained in the next section.

For the final round

1st $6000
2nd $3500
3rd $2300
4th $1500
5th $1000
6th $850
7th $750
8th $550
9th $350
10th $300
11th $250
12th $200
13th $150
14th $100

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“Bonus points” exchanged for additional deposit for the final

The “bonus points” given to some of the top traders during the first 4 rounds, can be used for the final round of the contest.

For every bonus point, the participants of the final round will get extra $1000 to start with in his/her demo trading contest account.

This demo trading contest “Great Race” chooses the winners according to the final account balance, thus the “bonus points” will be a big help for the participants to win the final round.

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Rules of Trading with the Contest Prize

If you have won the cash prizes of the contest, then the prize amount will be credited into your live account.

To receive the cash prize, you must complete the account verification in InstaForex’s client portal.

The cash prizes are available only for trading purpose, but cannot be withdrawn.

You can withdraw any amount of profits from the account which received the cash prize with no limit.

Note that if your first fund withdrawal from the account will result to full cancellation of the prize amount.

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