Participate in 4XC’s live trading contest to win gorgeous prizes every month.

Contest Overview

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Contest Sponsor4XC (4XC)
PrizesTESLA Model 3 and Cash Prizes

How to participate

Open 4XC's live trading account, deposit at least 500 USD and start trading.

4XC Championship Table of Contents

4xc everyone starts with $500 and win tesla model 3 or cash prize

Join 4XC to get a Tesla Model 3

How would you like to WIN a brand-new Tesla Model 3?

Starting from the 4th of January, 4XC will be giving away a Tesla Model 3 at the end of every single month for the next 10 months!

This is set to be one of the greatest trading competitions ever.


Here’s how the competition works:

  1. Open a trading account and register with 4XC (If you haven’t done so already).
  2. To enter, every single trader must start the contest with $500 equity.
  3. From the $500, the trader who can trade the highest volume at the end of each month will win a Tesla.

Traders can check their current trading position live on our leaderboard for full transparency.

Everyone starts with $500 one leaves with a Tesla Model 3!

Register by following the link below.

Register with 4XC

How to register in the monthly Competition?

It’s easy! Enter your 4xc competitions Portal.

Choose the synchronized trading accounts you would like to participate with and Click “To Participate”.

You have 5x chances of winning 4XC’s Competition.

You can compete with up to 100 trading accounts every month.

Please ensure you synced your trading accounts in the 4xc competitions portal.

Open 4XC Account for Free

Deposit at least 500 USD to participate

Your account equity at the start of the contest must be 495 USD – 505 USD per account (there is a 5 USD allowance due to exchange rate fluctuation during depositing).

The balance will be verified on the 1st day of each month, and only accounts within that equity will be eligible for the Grand prize.

To enter 4XC’s competition is absolutely free of charge.

Just open a trading account and register for the next 4XC Competition!

Join 4XC’s Trading Contest

Gorgeous prizes of 4XC’s Trading Contest

4XC’s contest prizes are the result of spread generated from the trading volume every month and it increases as the number of participants increase as well.

The monetary Prizes will be credited to the Winners’ trading accounts as a Deposit within the 5 days after competition ends, and will be available for withdrawal immediately upon Winner’s request.

The Grand Prize will be ordered from Tesla dealership in your Country and delivered to the Grand Winner!

4xc competition is a new trading competition that will change lives. Trade for a better future.

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How winners of 4XC’s contest are decided

The biggest volume prize will be given to the trader with the highest number of closed lots traded at 23:59:59 on the last day of the Competition Period, out of the total Pool of Contestants (eligible Contestants).

1 lot traded = $100.000 position (roundturn).

Redeposits cannot be used in a current competition once an account loses it’s ability to trade.

4XC allows 100 accounts to be opened in order to have several chances to win the Grand Prize.

All trading accounts are verified by 4XC Team and also by Verify My Trade, service provided by the Financial Commission.

Furthermore all trading results are audited by the renowned audit firm BDO, to ensure a fair and honest competition for all participants.

4XC is doing everything possible to make sure your personal data is safe.

4XC uses SSL certificates to encrypt your connection; furthermore, your data is stored in encrypted format on 4XC’s server.

If you have a reason to believe your account has been compromised and/or don’t have access to it, contact 4XC now.

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