Leverage of CHF Pairs will be decreased

Recently we expressed market concerns over the ability of the Swiss National Bank to maintain its peg.

4XC’s risk committee remains as apprehensive as ever, with the SNB recently publishing its current policy.

While there is nothing particularly damning in the update, the SNBs concentration of assets continues to be overweight in the global equities market, particularly USD.

The concerns are not only for ourselves but for traders and indeed the market in general.

An overleveraged market has, through history, always resulted in casualties for all spectrums of the industry.

Therefore, from Sunday 17th Of October 2021, 4XC will be reducing the leverage across all CHF Pairs, in an attempt to protect all of us against the potentially large gap risk should the peg be removed or deemed unsustainable (again).

NEW LEVERAGE: 1:10 across all CHF pairs

Please let the team know if you have any questions and 4XC will gladly be of assistance.

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