As XMTrading is one of the best online brokers in the world, it makes use of extremely experienced professionals in the sector to offer its clients an impeccable service capable of satisfying every need to support every trader in making investments that can lead to a profit.

With 15 trading platforms, over 10 supported languages, and a team to support every client 24/5 XM has always been considered the broker of choice for traders.

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XMTrading Promotional Offers

To ensure that every trading experience, as well as reliable and safe, can be advantageous, XMTrading offers all traders loyalty programs, advantageous services and various types of Bonus.

Each type of promotion offers unique advantages and opportunities, capable of increasing both your profits and your trading skills and experiences.

The main promotional offers that XMTrading makes available to its clients are:

  1. € 25 Trading Bonus.
  2. 50% Deposit Bonus + 20%.
  3. XMTrading Loyalty Program.
  4. 0% Commissions on Deposits and Withdrawals.
  5. Free VPS Services.
  6. Invite a Friend.

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No deposit bonus of € 25 with XMTrader

Through this fantastic bonus promotion, XMTrader offers all traders who open a real account for the first time, € 25 credit (not withdrawable) thus giving the opportunity to try all the unrivaled products offered by XMTrader.

The amount will be immediately available in your trading account and all profits from the € 25 Bonus credit with XMTrader can be withdrawn at any time but with each withdrawal, the trading bonus will suffer proportional removal.

By consulting this table you will be able to fully understand the proportional removal applied to each withdrawal.

Example No Deposit Bonusexample 1example 2
Bonus amount25 €25 €
Deosito Amount500 €
Earnings generated by trading with the Bonus100 €100 €
Available balance100 €600 €
Withdrawal amount40 € (40% on 100 €)360 € (60% on 600 €)
bonus removal amount12 € (40% on 25 €)18 € (60% on 25 €)

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What can I do to get the XM no deposit bonus?

To be able to access the promotion, just follow five simple steps:

  1. Open a real account with XM
  2. Using the credentials sent by email, access the Members Area
  3. Provide the necessary identification documents to validate your new account
  4. Click on the button to request the bonus
  5. Using the on-screen instructions proceed to complete the voice verification

We would like to point out that traders with real accounts registered through the cashback sites are not eligible for access to the “25 € No Deposit Bonus with XM” promotion.

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Deposit Bonus

The Deposit Bonus with XM is a two-tier promotion through which you can receive 50% up to $ 500 deposit and an eventual 20% up to a combined maximum amount of $ 5000.

The promotion is applicable on amounts starting from $ 5 and the bonus will be credited immediately, so you can carry out your trading with more capital right away.

The Deposit Bonus is available for accounts with MT4 and MT5 platforms, the most famous and used in the world, through which you can carry out every possible strategy for your trading.

The Deposit bonus with XM does not have the possibility to be withdrawn but can only be used for trading, unlike the profits generated which can be withdrawn at any time.

Withdrawal of funds generated by the Promotion will result in the proportional removal of the trading bonus.

Using the following table you will have the opportunity to fully understand how the Deposit Bonus is applied based on the amounts deposited into the account.

Example Deposit Bonusexample 1example 2example 3
Your Deposit$1,000$2,000$23,500
Bonus Applied50% on $1,00050% on $1,000 + 20% on $1,00050 % on $1,000 + 20% on $22,500
Your Bonus$500$500 + $200 = $700$500 + $4,500 = $5,000

With the examples in the table below you will be able to see how the Deposit Bonus will be proportionally removed with each withdrawal.

Example of proportional removal of Deposit Bonusexample 1example 2example 3example 4
Your Deposit$1,000$2,000$1,000$2,000
Bonus Amount$500 (50% on $1,000)$700 (50% on $1,000 = $500 + 20% of $1,000 = $200)$500 (50% of $1,000)$700 (50% of $1,000 = $500 + 20% on $1,000 = $200)
Loss / Profit from trading$2.000– $ 500
Balance available for withdrawal$1,000$2,000$3,000$1,500
Withdrawal required$250(25% on $1,000)$1000 (50% on $2,000)$3000 ( 100% on $3000)$450 (30% on $1,500)
Bonus removal amount$125 (25% on $500)$350 (50% on $700)$500 (100% on $500)$210 (30% on $700)

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XMTrading Loyalty Program

With the XM Loyalty Program exchange and earn points thanks to which you will have the opportunity to redeem credit bonus rewards.

There is no need to register to enter the XMTrading Loyalty Program contest, just start with your trading to be able to earn.

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States of Loyalty

All traders with a real account with XM will start from the lowest level called “Executive”, and each trader will automatically level up after several trading activities.

As your loyalty status increases the amount of XMP (XMTrading Points) will increase proportionally for each lot traded, this will earn you XM Points much faster so that you can receive credit rewards.

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The loyalty levels are divided as follows:

  1. Executive / Welcome 7XMP per lot
  2. Gold +30 Days 10XMP per lot
  3. Diamond +60 days 13XMP per lot
  4. Elite +100 days 16XMP per batch

Loyalty Bonus Rewards

By trading you will be able to increase your loyalty status and earn more and more XMP points which can later be converted into Credit Bonus rewards that you can request by accessing the Members Area, where you will also have the ability to monitor the status of your XMPs.

The bonuses that will be redeemed can only be used for trading purposes and cannot be withdrawn at all.

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To be able to take part in this initiative you will need to follow five simple steps:

  1. Open a real account with XM.
  2. Make a deposit.
  3. Get started with trading
  4. Earn XMP
  5. Redeem Rewards

Profits made through the use of the Bonus can be withdrawn at any time but each withdrawal will result in a proportional removal of the Bonus from your account.

The table below will show how the Bonus is proportionately removed from your account when you make a withdrawal.

Proportional removal of the bonusexample 1example 2
XMP totals3,000900
Bonus received$1,000 (3,000 ÷ 3 = $1,000)$300 (900 ÷ 3 = $300)
Earnings generated by the Bonus$1,500$200
Deposit amount$300
Balance available for withdrawal$1,500$500
Withdrawal amount$750 (50% on $1,500)$225 (45% on $500)
Bonus Removal Amount$500 (50% on $1,000)$135 (45% on $300)

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VPS with XMTrading

The XM VPS is a service that allows traders to remotely connect to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) located just 1.5km away from the XM data center located in London.

Using a fiber-optic connection, this extraordinary service offered by XM will give you excellent and unprecedented quality of execution, without having to worry about problems that could arise from the malfunction of the PC, from a too slow connection or sudden blackouts.

EAs will also benefit from using the VPS service offered by xm, being able to operate without interruptions without having to be controlled by traders and without necessarily having to use the PC.

XMTrading VPS will give access to a Windows Server 2012 with 20GB of hard drive capacity, 20GB of hard drive capacity, 600MHz of dedicated CPU power and 1.5GB of RAM.

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How to access the XM VPS service

In order to access the service, every trader with an account with XM must maintain a minimum balance of 5000USD and trade at least 5 standard lots or 500 micro lots every month.

If you do not meet the necessary requirements to access the free VPS, each trader will have the opportunity to use the VPS XMTrading service by making a request in the Members Area with a monthly fee of 28USD which will be automatically deducted from the MT4 or MT5 trading account. every first of the month.

By following the following simple steps you will be able to connect to your VPS with XMTrading:

  1. On your PC click on the start button in “search” type “Remote desktop connection“, click on the displayed option to connect remotely.
  2. Type the IP address given to you in the remote desktop connection window and click “connect”.
  3. Enter your username and world pass to log into VPS.
  4. If you have made your first connection to the VPS service a security warning will be displayed which in which you will have to confirm that you want to connect despite the standard warnings.

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Invite a Friend for trading with XM

With XM’s Refer a friend program you will be able to introduce the broker to all your friends and acquaintances, and the more people present at XM the more you will earn.

This program is available to all customers both new and old, in order to enter the Refer a Friend contest you will first need to open a real account with XM and trade at least 3 standard lots.

After satisfying the parameters necessary to access the promotion, access the Members Area and start browsing the “Refer a friend” dashboard, find a unique referral URL to use to be able to invite a friend by e-mail or simply by sharing the URL.

For each successful invitation, you will receive a reward which will be automatically credited to your trading account with XM.

In order for an invitation to be considered valid for the validation and redemption of the prize, the invited person must use your reference URL, register and open a real account with XM and exchange at least 3 standard lots, based on the number of invited friends the amount you will earn will vary:

  • For referring 1/15 friends you will earn $ 25 per friend.
  • For referring 16/30 friends you will earn $ 30 per friend.
  • For referring more than 30 friends you will earn $ 35 per friend.

All prizes credited to your account can be withdrawn at any time by logging into your “MyWallet”.

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No commission on Deposits and Withdrawals

To improve and facilitate all trading operations of its clients, XM covers all expenses related to the transfer of funds (Withdrawals, Deposits, etc.) made by credit card.

In the following list you will discover all the characteristics inherent to the services offered by XM:

  1. Zero commissions on withdrawals and deposits made by credit card.
  2. Zero commissions for transactions over 200 EUR made by international bank transfer.
  3. Immediate account funding via credit cards or e-wallet.
  4. Bonuses credited in an instant.
  5. No hidden fees.

For any information concerning doubts or concerns to be clarified, do not hesitate to contact the support team by visiting the official XM website.