FBS's all bonus promotions. Table of Contents


What Bonuses FBS offers for online traders?

Multi-licensed FX broker, FBS has over 10 Bonus Promotions running everyday.

FBS is licensed by CySEC, IFSC and several more regulatory authorities.

Promotion types include:

  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Deposit Bonus
  • Trading Bonus
  • Lucky Lottery
  • Trading Contest
  • Loyalty Program

All promotions are available for all traders of FBS, and you can almost join all of them whenever you want.

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What you can trade/invest with FBS?

The available trading platforms are MT4 and MT5.

The offered financial instruments are Forex pairs, Metals, CFDs and Cryptocurrency pairs.

FBS’s other unique features include 24/7 support, NBP ‘Negative Balance Protection’, Copy Trading and Deposit Insurance.

FBS offers 5 different account types.

Spread, Leverage and the required deposit amount are as follows:

Cent Micro Standard Zero Spread ECN
Required Deposit Amount 1 USD 5 USD 100 USD 500 USD 1000 USD
Spread Variable from 1 pip Fixed from 3 pip Variable from 0.5 pip Fixed from 0.0 pip Variable from – 1 pip
Leverage 1:1000 1:3000 1:3000 1:3000 1:500

For all account types, FBS provide traders with STP and ECN execution, and the execution speed is as fast as 0.3 sec.

STP is ‘Straight Through Processing’ and ECN is ‘Electronics Communication Network’.

FBS does not have restrictions on the platforms, thus you can perform any profitable trading strategies. But, some promotions have rules that you must follow.

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FBS does not accept traders from Japan, USA, Canada, UK, Myanmar, Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

1. FBS Trade 100 Bonus


FBS created a new exciting Trade 100 Bonus for all Forex traders.

Let us show you how amazing this bonus is!

FBS Trade 100 Bonus Information

Bonus Amount 100 USD for free
Requirement Account Opening
Trading Platform MetaTrader5
Profit Withdrawal Available after meeting requirements

FBS Official Website

You will get $100 on your account for free.

You can trade with this money and withdraw the profit after.

This is not an ordinary welcome bonus.

FBS want it to really help a trader to learn to trade from scratch.

The conditions for bonus withdrawal give you extra motivation to master the art of trading!

How to get $100 No Deposit Bonus?

Follow the steps below to get yourself the Bonus!


  1. Register and Signup for FBS
    • Choose ‘Trade 100 Bonus’ account type at the account opening
  2. The bonus will be in the account already
  3. Trade with the Bonus and Fulfill withdrawal conditions
  4. Withdraw your profit

This No Deposit Bonus is available for all existing traders and new traders of FBS.

Get it today!

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Profit Withdrawal Conditions?

There are several requirements to be fulfilled, in order to perform profit withdrawal

  1. Trade at least 5 lots
    • 5 trading lots must be done within 30 days
  2. Have at least 30 days of active trading
    • The days which you have opened or closed positions in the account will be counted

Both of the conditions above must be fulfilled within 50 days from the account opening.

While trading in the Bonus account, you must note the following rules:

  • Only orders with 100 pips difference between opening and closing prices meet the conditions.
  • Only trading of Forex major currencies pairs is allowed.
  • Using robots for trading this bonus is forbidden.
Positive pips difference (the total number of pips from profitable orders has to be bigger than the total number of pips from losing orders).

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Other Terms and Conditions

Here are some important rules of the promotion.

For the full Terms and Conditions, please visit FBS Official Website.

  • The promotion is available all existing and new traders of FBS only one time.
  • the bonus will be credited to your MT5 account.
  • The account base currency the bonus account is USD.
  • The leverage is fixed to 1:100.
  • The available order volume is 0.01 lot.
  • The maximum number of orders you can open at the same time is 5.
  • To withdraw the profit, you must trade over 5 lots and for 30 days.
  • Only orders with 100 pips difference between the opening and closing prices will be counted towards the requirement.
  • You cannot use any EAs (Expert Advisers) or trading robots in the bonus account.
  • In the bonus account, only Forex major currency pairs are available for trading.

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2. FBS 100% Deposit Bonus


FBS 100% Deposit Bonus Information

Bonus amount 100% Bonus up to 20,000 USD
Bonus trading period Unlimited
Your profit Unlimited
Promotion period Unlimited
Requirements Open an Account and Deposit

Double up you deposit amount and Start trading Forex and CFDs!

Receive 100% Bonus

How to get the 100% Deposit Bonus?

Follow the steps below to get your Bonus today!

  1. Open a account from the Account Opening Page.
    • Any account types but ECN or MT5 accounts.
  2. Make a deposit with any methods you like.
  3. Go to the promotion page and apply the Bonus to the accounts.

The bonus is available on multiple accounts until it reaches the limit which is 20,000 USD!

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Deposit and Withdrawal Conditions

You can withdraw the Bonus amount itself after trading the required lots.

The required trading lots (standard lots) = Bonus amount / 1

*In case of cent accounts, 1 standard lot equals to 100 micro lots.
*Trading on BTCUSD won’t be included towards the calculation above.

Receive 100% Bonus

FBS 100% Deposit Bonus Promotion Conditions

Check out the full list of terms and conditions in the Personal Area.

  • You can receive the bonus for the latest deposit on each account.
  • You can receive the bonus for several times on multiple accounts, until the total bonus amount reaches to 20,000 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies).
  • 100% bonus will be applied automatically upon you request for it from the Personal Area.
  • ECN and MT5 accounts cannot receive this 100% Deposit Bonus.
  • Bonus funds won’t be included towards the calculation of ‘Margin call’ and ‘Stop out’.
  • Bonus cannot be withdrawn until you complete the required lots in the account.
  • The maximum leverage for the bonus account will be limited to 1:500 or lower.

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3. FBS Loyalty Program


FBS has launched its ‘Loyalty Program’ which everyone can join to get the special and gorgeous rewards!

By enrolling in the program, you join the club of the favorite clients and get privileges for your loyalty.

The idea is simple: trade or attract clients, get Prize points and exchange them for exclusive services and luxurious prizes!

FBS Official Website

How FBS Loyalty Program works?

The program is quite simple for Forex traders.

You deposit and trade with FBS, earn the points and Exchange the points for the prizes.

Longer you trade and higher your deposit amount, you will be upgraded to higher levels and will earn more points for each trade.

Promotion Period Unlimited
Bonus Special Service and Rewards
Requirements Deposit and Trade

Signup for FBS online

How to join FBS’s Loyalty Program?

Follow the steps to below and Get the prizes!

  1. Open FBS Real Account
  2. Confirm your participation to the program from the Personal Area
  3. Deposit and Trade on MT4 or MT5
  4. Earn FBS points for that
  5. Exchange points for amazing prizes

What are the prizes? Check out the table below!

FBS Official Website

Special Service and Rewards

FBS Loyalty program prizes banner

Here are the list of prizes you can get through FBS Loyalty Program.

Each prize requires specific points and certain status.

Prizes and VIP services Required FBS prize points Required active trading days Green Silver Gold Platinum
[Invite a Friend] promo 1 point charged to both Client and Friend + + + +
VPS server for EAs 33 10 + + + +
Cash for points 100 5 + + + +
Private coaching session 50 10 + + + +
FBS lucky souvenir collection 50 20 + + + +
Samsung Tab S3 32GB 250 30 + + +
Samsung Galaxy S9+ 256GB 300 30 + + +
iPhoneX 256GB 500 30 + + +
MacBook Air 13” 256GB 600 50 + +
iMac Pro 27” 32GB 1500 70 + +
Rolex Submariner 10000 70 + +
Trip to FBS Headquarters 15000 100 +
Mercedes S-Class 50000 150 +
Rolex Yacht-Master Gold 30000 70 +
High priority deposit and withdrawal processing + + +
High priority customer requests via online chat + + +
Exclusive Birthday and New Year gifts + +
Personal manager + +

The program is very simple.

Join the Program, trade continuously with FBS, you earn the points and you can exchange the points for rewards!

FBS Official Website

Terms and Conditions

Here are some important terms and conditions of the promotion.

For the full terms and conditions, please visit FBS Official Website and login to the personal area.

  1. All FBS traders can join this program.
  2. Participants must agree to cancel all accumulated points for ‘A lot of Apples’ and ‘Lucky T-shirts’ promotions, in order to join this loyalty program.
  3. By participating to this program, all participants will get Green Loyalty status as the start.
  4. To accumulate points for the loyalty program, the difference between the opening and closing prices must be more than 59 points (5.9 pips).
  5. Status points calculation is made according to the following formula: Number of traded lots * Loyalty status coefficient
  6. FBS Loyalty Points are credited once a day for the previous day’s activities.
  7. Trading on bonus funds is not eligible for the point accumulation.
  8. Upon activating the “Cash for points” option, Prize points are converted into real money at the exchange rate of 1 Prize point = 1 USD. The option is applicable for all MT4 and MT5 account types (except for ECN) and can be charged into the account in USD, EUR, or THB (depending on the currency you chose for your account). For EUR and THB accounts, the bonus will be charged in the amount equivalent to the USD rate on the date of conversion.
  9. You can request one gadget of each type on each Loyalty Status through fulfilling a standard set of guidelines. Example: if you got an iPhone on the Silver status, you can get one more iPhone on the Gold status, and then once again on the Platinum one. If you have switched to Gold without requesting your iPhone on the Silver status, you can request two iPhones in case you have the sufficient amount of Prize points and active trading days or active clients.

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Complete Account Verification

To get access to FBS’s all bonus promotions and trading tools for free, you need to complete the account verification.

The account verification requires the same documents for all online Forex and CFD brokers.

The required documents are a copy of ID and a proof of address document.

You can take a photo or scan of these documents, and send them to FBS to complete the account verification.

The account verification steps may only take up to 24 hours in business days.

By completing the account verification with FBS, you will get the full access to all features and trading tools of FBS in the personal area.

All online Forex and CFD brokers require the same type of documents, thus you can also open accounts and complete account verification once and for all.

Go to FXBonus.Info main page to check out other brokers today.

The account verification process could be bothering and sometimes time consuming to prepare, but it is one very important step.

For any questions about the process, contact FBS’s support team for more.

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Make Fund Deposits to Live Accounts

Apart from FBS’s $100 No Deposit Bonus, if you are looking to invest with FBS, you need to make a deposit to your live trading account.

FBS accepts deposits from various funding methods, and from only $1.

The required minimum deposit amount depends on the account type you have chosen.

All fund management activities are done in FBS’s personal area.

Login to FBS Official Website and follow the on-screen instructions to transfer your investment funds securely to your live trading account.

Although FBS accepts deposit from $1, you are recommended to fund your account well, in order to support your open positions.

Otherwise your account becomes more vulnerable to stop out level which liquidates all your positions.

The fund management is a important process for any investors.

Do you have any questions or issues with fund deposit and withdrawal? Contact FBS support team to make sure that everything proceeds smoothly.

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Visit FBS Official Website for more Promotions

FBS continuously runs various bonus promotions and trading contests.

Asides from the above main 3 promotions of FBS, there could be special additional promotions, such as trading contests and celebrations of FBS.

There are also many trading tools and options that you can utilize for free with FBS.

Signup for FBS today to start receiving the latest bonus promotions and new offers.

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