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FBS offers the highest FX leverage in the world

Besides some Bonus Promotions, what is the content many traders demand for?

Yes, the Leverage.

The leverage will directly raise the % of your earnings by increasing the risk exposure.

Have you ever wondered which broker offers the highest leverage in the world?

The answer is “FBS”.

FBS is a IFSC and CRFIN regulated Forex Broker which offers the highest leverage in the world, 1:3000.

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Why you should choose FBS?

FBS has opened millions of real/live accounts since its foundation and it has officially become one of the largest brokers in the world.

There is a lot more reasons than the “highest leverage 1:3000”, in terms “Why FBS is the Best?”.

Bonus Promotions with fair requirements
Just like the $100 No Deposit Bonus, 100% Deposit Bonus which is available for withdrawals, live/demo trading contests to earn extra money and 7 other promotions. FBS offers you bonuses in favor of you, but not of FBS.
High Customer Service Quality
Why don’t you go on a livechat with FBS, and see their responses. FBS might have got the highest quality of customer service. There is only a few brokers in the world who even answer your questions promptly and correctly.
Stable Operations and Server
FBS has got almost no negative reviews in the last 7 years since its foundation. The trading server is stable, the client portal is well programmed without errors and all processes will be done instantly with FBS.

The latest bonus promotions and contests, and the trading conditions of FBS can be found in the official website from below.

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Comparison of FBS’s All Account Types

The trading conditions are different depending on the account type you choose with FBS.

FBS provides its traders with 5 different account types.

In case of FBS, you don’t just get the better trading condition by depositing more, but each account type has different advantage for traders.

See the comparison of FBS’s all Forex trading account types below.

Account Type Cent Micro Standard Zero Spread ECN
Minimum Deposit $1 $5 $100 $500 $1000
Minimum Spread 1.0 pip 3.0 pips 0.5 pips 0.0 pips -1 pips
Spread Type Floating Fixed Floating Fixed Floating
Commission None None None $20 $6
Maximum Leverage 1:1000 1:3000 1:3000 1:3000 1:500
Minimum Volume 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.1 lots
Maximum Volume 1000 cent lots 500 lots 500 lots 500 lots 500 lots
Execution Speed 0.3 seconds 0.3 seconds 0.3 seconds 0.3 seconds Instant
Execution Model STP STP STP STP ECN

With FBS, you can open up to 10 live trading accounts and manage them all together.

To open additional trading accounts, you must deposit at least $100 to other accounts.

You must also complete the account verification with documents.

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You are protected with NBP

Using the highest leverage is too risky?

Well maybe not so much, as FBS offers NBP(Negative Balance Protection) to all its traders.

Meaning that you will not lose more than you deposit to FBS.

In case there is a negative balance occurred in your trading account, FBS will cover the exceeded loss and fix the balance to Zero.

You can maximize the profit 3000 times more, and limit the loss to the account balance.

On both FBS MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, you are provided with the very efficient trading conditions.

For more information about the NBP and how it works, visit the page here.

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1:3000 for up to $200 account balance


Although it is a great opportunity for traders, there is of course a condition for using the highest leverage.

The main condition is that you can use the leverage only if the account balance is lower than $200.

FBS has the responsibility to manage risks for its traders, and they can’t give you that much high leverage with higher account balance.

See the table below for more details of leverage limitation according to account balance.

Account Balance Available Maximum Leverage
200 USD 1:3000
2,000 USD 1:2000
5,000 USD 1:1000
30,000 USD 1:500
150,000 USD 1:200
No limitation 1:100
No limitation 1:50

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Restriction with 100% Deposit Bonus

Also, please note that some bonus promotions will restrict the maximum leverage available for your trading account.

For example, by applying for 100% Deposit Bonus, the maximum leverage will be limited to 1:500.

Bonus Promotions always come with some conditions, so you may want to make sure that you have read and understand them before applying for it.

With FBS, you can open multiple trading accounts and manage them under your profile, thus you can also separate the accounts for bonuses and non-bonuses to avoid such leverage restriction.

For more information about FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus, visit the page here.

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Complete Account Verification for more Bonus

Just like any other regulated and licensed Forex brokers, FBS also requires documents from its traders to verify the account information.

By completing the account verification, you will have full access to FBS’s all trading tools and options.

You can receive full amount of bonuses from FBS by completing the account verification.

To complete the account verification with FBS, you must submit the following documents to FBS.

Copy of ID
You can scan or take a photo of your ID or passport and submit to FBS. Make sure that your ID isn’t expired.
Copy of a proof of address document
You can scan or take a photo ot your utility bill, bank statement or other documents which specifies your name and address. Make sure the document isn’t older than 3 months.
Copy of your credit or debit card
In you like to make a deposit to FBS’s Forex trading account with cards, then you need to submit a copy of your card. The instruction of this process is explained in FBS’s members area.

You can submit the documents to complete the account verification during the account opening process, via email or from FBS’s personal area.

Are you having hard time completing the account verification?

Contact FBS’s multilingual support team to ask for help.

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How to open FBS’s Forex trading accounts?

With FBS, you can open Forex trading accounts for free and invest in various financial markets.

Follow the simple steps below to start investing online with FBS.

  1. Go to FBS Official Website
  2. Go to the account opening page
  3. Fill in the form and submit
  4. Receive emails with your login details
  5. Log in to FBS Official Website
  6. Make a deposit
  7. Download FBS MT4 or MT5 trading platforms
  8. Log in tp FBS MT4 or MT5 and start trading

Once you go to the account opening page of FBS, you literally need to just follow the on-screen instructions to move forward.

If you have any questions about the account opening, fund deposit and FBS’s trading platforms, contact their support at anytime.

FBS’s friendly customer support team is available to support you and guide you to get started.

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Various Fund Deposit and Withdrawal Method

FBS makes sure that you can smoothly and securely deposit and withdraw funds at anytime.

All fund deposit and withdrawal operations can be done in FBS’s personal area.

You can make a deposit to your FBS’s live trading account via bank wire transfer, online wallets and credit/debit cards.

FBS does not charge any for fund deposit and withdrawal, but there could be certain fees charged by payment service providers and intermediary banks.

FBS also has many officially partnered “exchangers” which can help you make deposits if you are having trouble to make a deposit.

FBS accepts deposits from only $1.

To withdraw funds from your live trading account, you need to login to FBS’s personal area and request for your fund withdrawal.

There is no limitation to the amount of profit and account balance you can withdraw from FBS’s live trading accounts.

The fund management is a delicate matter for anyone.

If you have any questions about the process or having trouble managing your funds, contact FBS’s support team to solve them.

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Get All Bonuses in 3 Steps

FBS runs various bonus promotions and trading contests for traders.

Their main bonus promotions are the $100 No Deposit Bonus, 100% Deposit bonus and the loyalty program.

These are the 3 most popular promotions of FBS that you can join one by one.

All bonus promotions and trading contests are free to join, and they won’t restrict your withdrawal of profits.

FBS has prepared all promotions to support traders with more margin or to increase their profit amount directly.

Follow the steps below to get FBS’s all bonuses to take the maximum advantage.

1. FBS $100 No Deposit Bonus


FBS’s $100 No Deposit Bonus is a free welcome bonus which is available for all new traders of FBS.

By receiving this bonus, you can start invest in major Forex currency pairs on FBS MT5 trading platform.

You do not need to make a deposit to receive FBS’s $100 No Deposit Bonus, but the bonus is given to your live account for free and you can start trading immediately.

To get FBS’s $100 No Deposit Bonus, you just need to open “FBS Welcome 100 Account”.

Once you opened the account, the bonus will be already there for trading.

All you need to open this account is your name and email address.

Note that you can trade with this free $100 bonus for 7 calendar days.

Any profits generated in the bonus account can be withdrawn after you made a deposit and trade certain amount.

FBS’s $100 No Deposit Bonus is suited for traders who want to experience the real trading environment without risking their own funds.

FBS’s $100 No Deposit Bonus is free to get, and you only need your time but nothing else.

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2. FBS 100% Deposit Bonus


FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus is credited on your deposits.

Once you made a deposit to your live trading accounts, you can choose to receive the 100% Deposit Bonus in FBS’s personal area.

By applying to get FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus, the bonus will be immediately credited to your specified account in the “Credit” section.

The bonus will support your trading activity with extra margin, thus you can trade more volume with it.

You must note that when you receive FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus, the maximum leverage in your live trading account will be limited 1:500.

If you wish to continue trading with higher leverage than 1:500, then you may not want to receive the bonus.

FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus will also be available withdrawal as your extra profit by trading certain amount in the account.

FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus will not only support your trading activity, but will also increase your profit amount dynamically.

FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus is available for up to $20,000 per account.

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3. FBS Loyalty Program


Once you make a deposit to FBS’s live trading account, then you are recommended to confirm your participation to FBS’s Loyalty Program.

You can apply for FBS’s Loyalty Program in the personal area.

By participating in FBS’s Loyalty Program, you will start earning FBS Points every time you trade.

The accumulated FBS Points can be viewed in FBS’s personal area, and you can eventually exchange them for gorgeous prizes.

The available prizes include 100 USD Cash, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, MacBook Air, iMac Pro, Rolex Submariner, Trip to FBS Headquarters, Mercedes S-Class and Rolex Yacht-Master Gold

There are so many amazing prizes that you can’t believe you can get by just trading with FBS.

FBS’s Loyalty Program is absolutely free to join, and will let you earn more by trading more with FBS.

FBS’s Loyalty Program is one promotion that you cannot miss out.

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