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9 New Cryptocurrency Pairs on LiteForex MT4 and MT5

New cryptocurrencies available for trading with LiteForex.

New Cryptocurrencies on LiteForex

9 cryptocurrency pairs are added to the list and interesting benefits are not to be missed.

LiteForex updates the list of available cryptocurrencies.

Since October 14th LiteForex has made significant updates to the list of cryptocurrencies available for investments by its traders by adding nine currency pairs.

The new cryptocurrency pairs added are as follows.

QTMUSD (Qtum in US Dollar)
QTUM cryptocurrency exchange rate in US dollars, it turns out to be a valid investment alternative compared to Bitcoin and Ether being among the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.
ZILUSD (Zilliqa in US Dollar)
Exchange rate of the cryptocurrency Zilliqa, one of the most important public blockchain platforms in the world designed to activate sharding allowing linear scaling.
XTZUSD (Tezos to US Dollar)
Peer-to-peer network created to perfect blockchain protocols is the tenth cryptocurrency for greater market capitalization, its main feature is the on-chain governance criterion through which periodic code updates are carried out on the blockchain protocol.
MKRUSD (Maker to US Dollar)
Toker created on the Ethereum platform with the main purpose of creating a series of decentralized digital assets linked to the value of real instruments such as a fiat currency.
BNBUSD (Binance Coin to US Dollar)
Cryptocurrency created by the cryptocurrency exchange Binance and its main feature involves a reduction in the commission of exchanges within the Binance ecosystem.
ADAUSD (Cardano to US Dollar)
Platform that gave birth to ADA, a cryptocurrency that is constantly used to send and receive funds.
TRXUSD (Tron to US Dollar)
Extremely famous cryptocurrency in the cryptographic ecosystem, its main goal is to create a decentralized platform capable of delivering essential entertainment content to allow creators to have full control over the projects carried out.
XLMUSD (Stellar to US dollar)
Blockchain that speeds up and makes transactions of funds in different currencies less expensive.
BCHUSD (Bitcoin Cash in US Dollar)
Variety of Bitcoin created following discussions that in 2017 split Bitcoin into two currencies and is a decentralized currency issued by users who have adequate strength of hardware and software to support it.

The updates that LiteForex has made to the cryptocurrency liquidity pool has given the possibility to provide the lowest spreads on the market and extremely attractive prices so as to be able to offer every trader more advantageous trading conditions and exciting cryptocurrency margins!

Trading for cryptocurrencies can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except for a small Sunday break from 3:00 to 4:00 (server time GMT + 3), created to allow for server optimization. For trading, each trader will be able to consult the actual trading program by selecting “Instrument Information” in their LiteForex client profile.

Invest in Cryptocurrencies with LiteForex

LiteForex Twitter Watcher – Cryptocurrency Trading

Each trader has the right to use the third-party service integrated into the LiteForex Twitter Watcher customer profile which allows artificial intelligence to analyze numerous Twitter messages to provide useful information for investments on cryptocurrencies.

The artificial intelligence of the Twitter Watcher tool carries out careful analysis on any news of BTCUSD, ETHUSD and XRPUSD pairs published on twitter and quickly reacts to the sentiment of the customers and subsequently having developed all the sensitive and necessary information offers valuable advice for trading and marks he applicable growth of his work, the more time traders spend to achieve their goals, the greater the profit.

Another fundamental feature of the Twitter Watcher tool offered by LiteForex allows traders to be able to view the optimal market access points and see the strength and accuracy of a signal, also giving birth to any stop-loss and take-profit amounts.

Trade Cryptos with Twitter Watcher

Advantages of using Twitter Watcher

The AI Twitter Watcher service created more than 100 signals with an accuracy rate of 80% in September 2021, which is nothing short of amazing!

Later, an example of the Twitter Watcher tool was included, which will give every trader the possibility of actually learning about the fantastic capabilities of this extraordinary service offered by LiteForex.

Deposit: 2,000 USD
Start of trading using AI signals: 01.09.2021.
End of trading with the use of AI signals: 30.09.2021.
Profitability: 35.66%.
Equity at the end of the trading period: USD 2,713.28

Having consulted the example, it will be more than evident that the artificial intelligence of the Twitter Watcher tool turns out to be an extremely stable and effective tool, bringing high rates of profitability to each investor and it is possible to consult much more detailed reports by visiting the official LiteForex website.

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Activation of the Twitter Watcher service with LiteForex

Each trader will be able to use the Twitter Watcher tool for free with LiteForex by trading at least two standard lots monthly in their trading account, if this does not happen the cost of the tool will be 5 USD.

In order to activate the service, it will be necessary to access the customer profile on LiteForex.

For more information on the service, do not hesitate to visit the official LiteForex website and contact the team of experts who will be at your disposal 24/7.

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