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  1. Analytical forecast for 2019
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Analytical Forecast 2019


Everyone wants to know what to expect in the New Year. Traders are not an exclusion.

We think that it’s boring to talk about things you can expect yourself.

That’s why we gathered events that no one expects but they can happen in 2019 and turn markets upside down.

The most relevant information

Weekly Economic Calendar

weekly economic calendar 2019 january

  1. Jan 3, 17:00 MT time – US ISM Manufacturing PMI
    • Great data will encourage the USD.
  2. Jan 4, 15:30 MT time – Non-Farm Payrolls
    • NFP will create high volatility.

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5 Inspiring Stories about money

5 Inspiring Stories about money

New Year is a great time to set new goals, create plans and recharge your inspiration.

And what can be more inspirational, than a story of true success?

Read 5 inspirational stories about how famous traders started from the scratch, went through all the ups, downs and failures and got up to the heights!

1500 books about Forex

1500 books about Forex

Self-education is an important part of trading art.

Now you can find all the most interesting and useful books about Forex market in one place!

Do you know what you’re looking for? Just type the name of the book and search it.

Do you want something new and interesting to read? Just choose one of 1500 books from the online library!

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