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Fun Things you May Not Know about Heineken Beer Maker

Beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world, and some claim it’s also the oldest.

Today, we would like to discuss one specific, well-known beer brand: Heineken, the popular Dutch beer, which you can now invest in – in the form of CFDs on the IFC Markets’ platform.

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11 Facts about Heineken Beer Maker

So, without further delays: Here are 11 fun, incredible facts you may not know about Heineken.

  1. Heineken was first brewed in 1873, making it about 150 years old, and yes, we did use a calculator to produce this fact.
  2. When 22 year old Gerard Heineken bought the brewery (which existed since the 17th century), he knew, according to his own statement, close to nothing about beer.
  3. Saying he bought the brewery isn’t accurate though. His rich mother purchased it for him.
  4. Heineken only has three components: Malted barley, water and hops
  5. Heineken was the first European beer imported to the US following the end of the Prohibition.
  6. This beer is currently sold in over 170 countries.
  7. The Heineken recipe changes every year. Well “changed” is perhaps too strong of a word – tweaked is more like it. Why? Because every harvest season produces a slightly different barley.
  8. Since August 2011, Heineken share skyrocketed by about 170%.
  9. Five years is too long for you? Well, since February 8th 2016, the share rose by more than 16%.
  10. Heineken became the Official Beer of the Formula One World Championship in 2016. Please don’t ask us why Formula One needs an official beer.
  11. There are three E letters on the Heineken logo and if you look closely, you’ll notice that they’re tilted slightly backwards. This was made of purpose to make it appear as if they’re smiling

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